21 Tourist Destinations Must Visit In Sumatera

21 Destinations Must Visit In Sumatera

Traveling outside the city or outside the island is usually more comfortable to take a plane or train. The goal saves time and effort. But, some people prefer picking up the car. Besides being more flexible, riding a car when traveling between cities or islands can provide an unusual experience.

Besides Java, Sumatra is the most exciting place to explore using a private car. If you are from Java, then your trip will begin by crossing the Sunda Strait and anchoring at the Port of Bakaheuni, Lampung, South Sumatra.

There are three Sumatra crossing lines that must be chosen. You can cross the western path if you want to enjoy the beach scenery along the way. If you want to enjoy the winding road in the high mountains, waterfall tours, and large lakes can pass through the middle and east crossing.All according to taste.

Prepare supplies, physical health, medicines, travel equipment, GPS or Sumatra crossing maps.And most importantly, check the condition of the vehicle. Book lodging at some point of the city. Even better if you can stay at acquaintances and relatives, because the trip along Sumatra can take days. If you want a camper in a natural tourist location will be more exciting again.

Below are Intresting 21 Tourist Destinations Must Visit In Sumatera


1. Coastal Kalianda, Lampung

21Tourist Destinations Must Visit In Sumatera

From the port of Bakaheuni following the western Sumatra route, we can stop by the Kalianda coast before arriving in Bandar Lampung. There are several rows of beautiful beaches stretching along Kalianda, namely Tapak Kera, Kedu, Marina, Batu Lapis, Merak Belantun, Sebalang, and others. All have a heavenly panorama. It seems that you need to spend the night if we want to enjoy the beaches in Kalianda.


2. Gigi Hiu Beach, Tanggamus – Lampung

Also called Karang Pegadungan or Batu Layar Beach. The location is in the Village Pegadungan, Tanggamus District. The waters are directly facing Called Shark Teeth. So named because many sharp-pointed corals resemble shark teeth.

If you want to this beach, from the city of Bandar Lampung, you have to follow the path crossing the western region of Sumatra. Explorers are usually willing to spend more time traveling to take pictures of God’s amazing works. Worth it !


3. Krui Beach, West Coast of Lampung

Krui Beach is a paradise for professional surfers. The beach is directly facing the ocean has the highest wave number seven in the world. International surfer competitions are often held here.

There are tours to Pisang Island and some stunning waterfalls. But be careful for who can not swim, because the waves are very big. As a result, victims often drift away because they are not aware of bad weather.


4. Bliss and Nirwana Crater, Suoh – West Lampung

This place is like a hidden paradise in Liwa, West Lampung. Both places are only 50 meters apart. We can feel volcanic panoramas, in the form of steam heat from the crater and the beauty of the material layer of the earth’s stomach which forms a layer like colorful ceramic.

The steam that blows from the fracture of land produces a landscape like being in a land of clouds. Later you pass through Bukit Barisan National Park to reach it.


5. Danau Ranau, South Sumatra

You can follow the path cross the west, because the second largest lake in Sumatra is located on the border of Lampung west and South Sumatra, precisely in the district Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU) South. The air is cool to make a long stay there.


6. Curup Buluh, Lahat – South Sumatra

To get to Lahat, we can follow the path cross the middle of Sumatra. Also called a seven-level waterfall. Named after reeds because many bamboo trees grow around the river bank. So cool!


7. Bukit Khayangan, Kerinci – Jambi

The hill which is the most beautiful place in Jambi is often referred to as a land on the clouds, because it is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. When the fog and clouds are descending into the lowlands, we feel like we are above the sky.

You can also see the majesty of Mount Kerinci as high as 3,805 meters above sea level.Khayangan Hill is located in Renah Kayu Dew Village, Sungai Penuh Town. The road access is good, so it’s easy to go there.


8. Gunung Tujuh Lake, Kerinci – Jambi

21 Tourist Destinations Must Visit In Sumatera

Lake Gunung Tujuh is ranked second highest lake in the world. To climb it, you will pass the Kayu Aro tea plantation, Pelompek Village, Kerinci Regency, Jambi.

The Aro Wood Tea Garden looks very beautiful and spacious. As the largest in Southeast Asia, this lake is located within the Gunung Tujuh area behind Mount Kerinci. You won’t regret taking the time to climb and relax on the edge of the lake where the waters are calm with this cool air.


9. Long Beach Bengkulu

The longest coastal area in Indonesia, which is 7 kilometers long. At the end of the beach, you will find the very historic Fort Malborough Fort Museum.


10. Jalan Layang Kelok Sembilan, West Sumatra

Kelok Sembilan in Payakumbuh is a winding road that connects West Sumatra with Riau. In the center, there is a 2.5-kilometer flyover.

This road also connects the central crossing to the east coast of Sumatra. Under high and winding flyovers, there are comfortable resorts and kiosks.


11. Lembah Harau, Payakumbuh – West Sumatra

Harau Valley is a nature reserve that flanking the Sokilan Nine. Called similar to Yosemite National Park, because it consists of gorges or granite cliffs and rocks as high as 100 -500 meters that looks colorful and face to face.
In the area of this nature reserve, there is also a beautiful small waterfall and Minangkabau traditional house.

Unfortunately if not stop by for a picture and take a break as it passes through this valley.

12. Sianok Canyon, Payakumbuh

Sianok gorge is located on the border of Bukittinggi, Agam regency, West Sumatra. Also called the Pendiam Valley because of a very calm and peaceful atmosphere. Come late in the afternoon because the view of the sunset between the valleys is very beautiful.


13. Istano Baso Pagruyung, Batusangkar West Sumatra

The famous gadang house to foreign countries is the palace of Raja Pagruyung’s family located in the town of Batusangkar, Tanah Datar Regency. It has now become a popular tourist attraction.
The building is very large and spacious. The typical roof is shaped like a buffalo horn. There is a Minangkabau traditional clothes rental and is often used for wedding photos.


14. Danau Singkarak, Padang – West Sumatra

There are no better tourist destinations when we are in West Sumatra, in addition to spoil the eye with the beauty of the lake series. One of them is Lake Singkarak.
The view of the lake looks very beautiful from a height, especially when the clouds are still moving low covering the peak of the hills. Come early in the morning to witness the amazing masterpiece of this power.


15. Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra

The second lake in West Sumatra is Lake Maninjau. After a trip that was quite tense and winding, finally paid off with satisfaction of the eyes and a sense of seeing the majesty of God’s creation.
Lake Maninjau is very beautiful views from anywhere. Take the time to sail along the lake with small boats that are rented by local residents.


16. Lake Toba and Samosir Island 

21 Tourist Destinations Must Visit In Sumatera

There is no doubt that the most beautiful place in North Sumatra is Toba. Anyone who visits both domestic and foreign will surely be delighted to see the lake formed from this super volcano eruption thousands of years ago.
The largest lake in Southeast Asia is very beautiful views from anywhere.

It can be from Simarjarunjung Hill, Tongging Village, Samosir Island, Parapat, Sibandang Island, and many others. Have to spend a special time of a few days to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake around 1,130 square kilometers. Come and explore Medan and Lake toba with a friendly Tour guide.

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17. Linting Lake, Deli Serdang

That said, the lake which was also formed from volcanic activity is famous for its legendary mystical stories. When visiting this place, it is expected to obey some regulations that apply in the surrounding community.

Apart from the mystical story of Lake Linting, the scenery is amazingly beautiful. But the tour manager in this place forbids visitors from swimming into the middle of the lake. Because, the depth is estimated to reach 100 meters.
People suspect that the lake is shaped like a deep well and can suck up anything on its surface. Travelers can only soak on the banks of the lake where the water is warm and contains a little sulfur for relaxation.


18. Snow Hot Dolok Tinggi Raja

The nature reserve located in the village of Dolok Tinggi Raja, Simalungun Regency, is still not much touched by humans. The road to get there is still difficult to pass the vehicle. If really curious about this lime and white crater hill, it is better to ask the help of local people to deliver.


19. Danau Lau Kawar, Karo North Sumatra

Same with Lake Linting, this clear watery lake is also famous for its mystical story that makes traveling a bit challenging. If successful, you will be satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the scenery.
But be careful yes, because Lau Kawar Lake is located exactly at the foot of Mount Sinabung which often erupted in recent years. This lake enters the red zone for evacuation. To get there, you should ask an experienced guide.


20. Lhok Beach Me

Lhok Me Beach is 30 kilometers from Banda Aceh, on the route to Krueng Raya. The scenery is very unique, where there are trees that grow in the middle of the sea.The sand was clean white, stretching out as far as the eye could see. So the photo spot is very slick to upload on social media, here.


21. Lhoknga Beach

Lhoknga Beach is 20 kilometers from Banda Aceh. Lhoknga Beach has big waves and is favored by surf sports lovers. Lhonknga Beach is the most captivating in Aceh, although it was damaged by the 2004 tsunami. But, its beauty still amazes to this day.

Wow, finally arrived at the end of the western island of Indonesia.  There are too many good tourist destinations on the island of Sumatra, so it can’t be mentioned all. Where do you want to go, bro?

Sumatera is the best place to be visited with your family and friends.


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